Longacre Square
by NYTP Staff

The Longacre Square in New York City is one of the important intersections where Broadway and Seventh Avenue meet. Actually Longacre Square is the old name.  From 1904, the name has been changed to Times Square when the Times Building was built. Times Square is famous all over the world for its digital advertisement boards that are humungous. Times Square witnesses a splendid display of fireworks and many more ways of celebration on New Year’s Eve. Times Square comes to life only at night with all its LED signs and other advertising boards lighting up with different colors.


Times Square even has a billboard of Toshiba that employs the latest technology to be the most energy efficient billboard in Times Square. Construction for Time’s Square first ever environment friendly billboard that gets its energy from the wind and the sun has commenced. Times Square is also home for many leading brands from all over the world making it a shoppers’ paradise. Times Square is one place you can’t possibly miss out while checking out the Big Apple. The best part is that you can hardly even miss it thanks to its bright lights. If you don’t go to Times Square, you haven’t been to New York.


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